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daze - soraru
original - jin feat. MARiA (mekakucity actors OP)


my nailart

エ ネ


people without passwords on their phones are the strongest and most terrifying people you will ever meet


hey!! i hit 1k followers so i decided to host a giveaway!! thank you all so much!!!! (/・ω・)/ the rules and information are below

☆first pick - one linearted and soft shaded piece with a simple background,  waist up!!

☆second pick - one linearted and soft shaded piece with a simple background,  waist up.

☆third pick - waist up painted piece! kinda messy ( ;∀;) sorry

for the rules it’s mostly:

★i will not draw anything i can’t draw/uncomfortable with drawing!! (furries, mecha, nsfw)

★no giveaway blogs!!

★you must be following me!! 

★one reblog and one like per person! they both count (^◇^)

★ giveaway ends may 17th, 12 am PST!! 

umm, that’s it i think!! once again thank you… i really appreciate each and every one of you!!! (/・ω・)/ yay good luck


Why can’t this dumb nerd ask things like a normal human being

mekakucity dan no.9 konohaaaaaaaa

painting doodless

a few of the many pics i got at the kurobasu photoshoot today!!! (っ˘ڡ˘ς) hopefully they’ll be one next year too www

feel free to drop a message if you went to the shoot too! i’d love to know who you were///